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Maisy's Show: A Maisy Pop-up-and-play Book

Maisys Show A Maisy Popupandplay
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Author: Lucy Cousins

Do you want to get a new book? Get yourself a copy of Maisy's Show: A Maisy Pop-up-and-play written by Lucy Cousins. Written by Lucy Cousins and it was published on the 14th of September, 2010 by Candlewick. The child's book is 16 pages long. I would like you to get the best price when buying a children's book.

Ready to put on a show? An amazing 3-D stage scene is the crowning touch in this interactive showcase of Maisy and friends— and their surprising talents. Now it's time to pull open the curtains — and cheer as all 5 friends pop up inside a show-stopping 3-D finale! Pull the tabs to see them all at practice: Maisy tap-dancing across the floor, Eddie juggling a ball, Charley flipping completely around in a cartwheel. Of course, Tallulah wants to demonstrate some ballet twirls, and Cyril is working on his disappearing act. Tonight Maisy is putting on a talent show with her friends, and she is extremely excited!


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