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Maisy's Rainbow Dream

Maisys Rainbow Dream
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Author: Lucy Cousins


In a dream, Maisy sees different things for each color of the rainbow.
Shopping to buy a great book? Maisy's Rainbow Dream written by Lucy Cousins is a fantastic book. Written by Lucy Cousins and it was published in September of 2003 by Candlewick. The children's book features Mice and it is deemed ideal fiction. At the library the reference number is PZ7.C83175 Mat 2003. This version is the 1st U.S. ed. of Maisy's Rainbow Dream is 32 pages long and it is loaded with amazingly colored illustrations, click the hyperlink below.

Lucy Cousins outdoes herself with this big, bold, brilliant visit to Maisy's dream world— a kaleidoscopic journey filled with familiar friends and fantastical creatures. Little fans will likely be reassured to decide that Maisy's dreams are substantially like theirs— incredible journeys to places where the everyday planet is transformed by the wondrous workings from the imagination. Suddenly a dream begins inside her head. Soon things get even far more amazing— a turtle with a shell developed from watermelon, a winged clock using the legs of a bird. When Maisy dreams that she's going on a journey, it's only natural that all her close friends come along, too. And when Maisy finally reaches Rainbowland— well, it should be noticed to be believed! Maisy is fast asleep in her little bed. She dreams of a big orange fish, and she and Panda grab a fin and float along. Maisy dreams about a red ladybug, and there's Charley flying by with a ladybug umbrella.


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