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Maisys First Game Book
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Author: Lucy Cousins

Children love this terrific book. The author is Lucy Cousins and it was published in April of 2006 by Candlewick. This version is the 1st U.S. Ed. 2006 of Maisy's First Game Book is 8 pages long. It's dimensions are 11.38" Height x 10.75" Length x 0.64" Width and weighs around 1.53 lbs. If you prefer a copy of this book, check out the market add to shopping cart button below.

Spin the spinner and see if you're a winner with this bright, bold book of simple, lively games. Let the games start! One a lot more way to grow to be crazy for Maisy! Join Maisy and her pals in a mad dash about the supermarket, collect the gold crowns inside a terrific treasure hunt, and race for the finish line inside a totally grand Grand Prix. With its built-in spinner at the same time as a choice of game pieces, MAISY'S FIRST GAME BOOK has every thing preschoolers need to play five fantastic, fun-packed board games, Maisy-style.


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