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Maisy's Book Of Things That Go: A Maisy First Science Book

Maisys Book Of Things That Go A Maisy


Author: Lucy Cousins


An interactive pull-tab story featuring Maisy Mouse. She discovers how a boat sails, how a train moves, and more.
Are you looking to pick a book? You may want to read Maisy's Book Of Things That Go: A Maisy by Lucy Cousins. Written by Lucy Cousins and it was published sometime in May of 2010 by Candlewick. The hardcover book is about Transportation and it is perceived as fantastic juvenile fiction. This is the 1st U.S. ed. of the child's book is 16 pages long and it is packed with amazingly colored illustrations. The children's book also highlights Animals and Mice. It's 9.5"H x 9.41"L x 0.83"W. It weighs close to 1.17 lbs. To find the best bargain for this child's book along with other items, check out our affilate add to shopping cart button below.

Let's go! Why does a hot-air balloon rise high in the sky? What makes the train wheels turn? The final spread offers a particular surprise: a big, bright pop-up that's out of this planet. With the help of fun tabs, little readers can learn the simple workings of her favorite modes of travel. And with this truly delightful interactive book, readers not only find out some answers, they also have a part within the action— pulling tabs to make Maisy walk or pedal a bike, rock a boat on the waves or make sparks seem on a trolley cable. Like all small children, Maisy is curious about how things go. Maisy loves things that move. How does a sailboat sail?


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