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Maisy's Abc

Maisys Abc


Author: Lucy Cousins

Searching for a remarkable children's book? Maisy's Abc is a fantastic children's book. Written by Lucy Cousins and the publisher is Candlewick. It went on sale sometime in 1995. The children's book is centered on Alphabet books and is thought to be outstanding juvenile literature. At the library the reference number is PE1155.C58 1995. This is the 1st U.S. ed. is 16 pages long and it has illustrations, click on the hyperlink below.

Bold, block-color paintings of Maisy the mouse and close friends make up this very simple, actually appealing alphabet book. Maisy can be a happy tiny rodent using a cheeky smile who journeys (in many changes of clothing) by way of a landscape of other animals. Elsewhere, insects flap their wings, a kite flutters, Maisy's prominent orange whiskers twitch, and a tortoise and a squirrel strum at a ukulele and a violin while Maisy herself plays the xylophone. On the first page, she is traveling by"Bb--boat"; she sees a patch of seaweed, which opens like a door to display a hidden"Cc--crab"; her yellow sail folds back to reveal that she is riding using a stowaway"Aa--alligator"; as nicely as a pull-tab sends a purple"Dd--dolphin"leaping from the blue water. (Baby to 4) --Richard Farr This clever, effective use of pop-ups and pull-tabs make this ABC book--and possibly the ABCs themselves--memorable.


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