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Maisy Big, Maisy Small

Maisy Big Maisy Small
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Author: Lucy Cousins


Maisy the mouse demonstrates pairs of opposites, including thick and thin, tall and short, young and old, and wiggly and straight.
The author is Lucy Cousins and it was published on the 14th of August, 2007 by Candlewick. This version is the 1st U.S. ed. of Maisy Big, Maisy Small has 56 pages and it includes loads of colorfully illustrated pictures. It furthermore emphasizes Mice.

Get a whole new perspective on Maisy! You've never observed Maisy like this! She's fast, she's slow, she's messy, she's clean — in this kaleidoscopic concept book, the beloved mouse even changes her look from familiar to new as she demonstrates thick and thin, tall and short, young and old, wiggly and straight. With colors and patterns so vibrant they leap off the page, this fresh method to concepts makes finding out about opposites irresistible, for each loyal Maisy fans and new pals alike. Lucy Cousins reimagines her renowned mouse in an exuberant notion book which will fascinate young fans.


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