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Doodle With Maisy

Doodle With Maisy


Author: Lucy Cousins

You have got to read a copy of Doodle With Maisy the perfect book by Lucy Cousins. Written by Lucy Cousins and it is published by Candlewick. This children's book was available sometime in 2013. The book is 80 pages long. To find the best offer on a copy for this children's book besides other items, visit our affilate link on this site.

Creative Maisy fans, it's time to generate your mark! Take your crayons on a doodling adventure in this irresistible Maisy activity book developed by Lucy Cousins! There're hours of fun — and activities for everyone — in this hands-on Maisy doodle-fest! What patterns would you like to create inside the 1st letter of your name? What do you imagine Maisy sees inside the ocean, and what if you finished the picture for her? Wouldn't it be fun to finish a picture of an octupus, starting with just its head? Can you aid Maisy put spots on a leopard or stripes on a zebra?


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